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Fried Chicken Little?

I once flew West across the international date line. It was an unsettling, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole sensation. Landing in Australia, I felt somehow cheated of time; 24 hours of travel brought me nearly 40 hours into the future, with nothing to show for it but a heightened appreciation for the gracious attention of a good flight crew.

While this was a momentous–and somewhat disturbing–experience, I was merely following the path of thousands before me. And so it is with most of life’s experiences. Rarely do any of us have a purely unique challenge to face or crisis to overcome. Keeping this in perspective, and learning from those who preceded us, is what gets us through to whatever tomorrow may bring.

To be loved, be lovable


Paraphrasing the early American statesman and philosopher Benjamin Franklin (“If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” Poor Richard’s Almanack), this fortune reminds us that¬† — when it comes to love — we reap what we sow.

If you are hungry for love, this fortune seems to say, you should sow in yourself the qualities that will attract the love of others.  If you are simply hungry, you might instead sow seeds of lovage, so that you may enjoy tasty salads and soups come spring.