Never have we been more curious about the meaning of life, and never have we had less patience to ponder it.  That’s why fortune cookie philosophy is the perfect panacea for today’s enquiring minds.  These anonymous, concise, and easily-digested bites of reasoning and reminder can make their way from their sweet, crunchy envelopes to the Twitter streams of millions in a matter of minutes. . .where they are quickly consumed and as quickly, discarded.

My hope is to give these ephemeral epiphanies a place to be preserved, admired, and discussed by we modern truth-seekers.  At random, I will post the many fortune cookie slips I’ve accumulated over the years, along with tasty morsels I find in digital take-out, and attempt to find some meaning in them.   Please feel free to add your thoughts.

Contributed fortunes are also welcome; I just ask that they:

  • are not attributable quotes (exceptions made for “Confucious say…” fortunes)
  • are accompanied by a photo of the source

Welcome to Fortune Cookie Philosophy!

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